The privatization and restructuring process has already reached many companies within the Moldovan economy and has already produced first results. The economic situation has, however, not yet improved as a result of these measures. More turnover and liquidity are needed in order to save businesses and to take measures in the future. As the traditional markets in the Moldovan economy, lying as they did within the CIS  states, have largely collapsed, there is a lack of customers for the country’s products. The domestic market, on the other hand, is not able to support sufficient volume.

In this situation IBD Moldau will begin with advisory services to businesses in Moldova in three areas:

IBD Moldau concentrates on the following sectors:

IBD wishes to achieve measurable results in the short as well as long term. For this reason our customers in Moldova should fulfill certain minimum requirements and be prepared to take pains over making an effort themselves.

We are not in a position to solve many of the problems on the path to new markets ourselves, e.g. in the field of investment and financing. We can however show the way to capable partners in our vicinity.

Consult us confidentially concerning your current problem. We are  looking forward to breaking new ground with you.