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Historical overview

ProComert stands for a well-known project of Germany’s Integrated Consultancy Service for the Private Economy (IBD Moldau) in the Republic of Moldova.

The project was implemented between 1996 and 2000 under the supervision of the German Society for Technical Assistance (GTZ), Eschborn, Germany, and was financed by Germany’s Federal Ministry for Co-operation (BMZ). The German consultancy INTERGRATION International Management Consultants GmbH with its head office in Frankfurt am Main, Holzgraben 31, was in charge of the local implementation of the project.

The aim of the ProComert project was the promotion of the economic co-operation between European and Moldovan enterprises. At the end of the implementation period the project was privatized and is presently known as “ProComert – C.A.G.” Centrul Austro-German – The Austrian-German Center.

Our services

The German-Austrian Center represents the economic interests of the Austrian Embassy in Bucharest (RO) as well as those of the German Embassy in Chisinau (MD). In addition, the center, which offers Facility Management Services and rents modern offices, brings together under its roof some of the best-known German and Austrian investors in the Republic of Moldova. ProComert offers a complete package of enterprise and economical consultancy services. ProComert is set up as a holding company, a fact that ensures its clients a very high level of security.